Frequently Asked Questions

Whats new in 2018?

Johns Hopkins historic Homewood Field will host the senior All-America Games on Saturday, June 30.

CONNY Region added to Underclass Tryouts and Tournament. Region consists of players in Connecticut and Eastern New York.

Where, When, How?

Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Weekend: June 28 to July 1, 2018

All-America Senior Games at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD | June 30, 2018

Underclass Tournament at Towson University, Towson, MD (Map) | June 28 – July 1, 2018

      Underclass Lacrosse Tournament and Tryouts

Tryouts– Regional Tryouts in the months of May and June to select the teams. Tryout info here

Tournament– 12 regions in each division (Command- 2021 & 2022 and Highlight – 2019 & 2020 for both boys and girls) will compete in a pool play tournament for the Under Armour Underclass Championship title. Each team will be  comprised of 22 players (including 2 goalies) who were selected at the regional tryout to represent their region.

       Under Armour All-America Senior Games

44 boys and girls, each, will be selected to face-off against each other in a North vs. South showdown on Saturday, June 30th. Girls game at 5:30pm, Boys game at 8pm at Homewood Field, Johns Hopkins University.


Who is eligible to participate in the UAAA?

Seniors graduating in 2018 must be nominated by a coach or athletic director and then selected by a committee lead by Inside Lacrosse to be named an Under Armour All-American.

Players who in the summer of 2018 will be rising high school freshman (class of 2022) , rising sophomores(class of 2021), rising juniors (class of 2020) and rising seniors (class of 2019) must tryout by region to be selected to an Under Armour Underclass Team.

How do I nominate a senior for the All-America Game?

NOMINATE PLAYERS HERE. The senior All-Americans are selected by a panel of lacrosse experts lead by Inside Lacrosse.

Underclass players must tryout and do NOT need nominations. All Underclass Tryouts are open to all eligible players.

How do I update my underclass tryout profile?

Using this link (click here), click on the top sentence ‘IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED AND WISH TO UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION, PLEASE CLICK HERE’ . You will need your US Lacrosse number to proceed.

What is the cost to tryout for the Underclass teams?

BOYS – $190 prior to April 1, and $210 until online registration closes (WALK UP FEE is $230)

GIRLS –  $125 prior to April 1, and $140 until online registration closes (WALK UP FEE is $160)

What is included in the tryout fee?

Players will receive an Under Armour event tryout jersey and an Under Armour event Tech T. Each player will be included in the detailed college coaches recruiting booklet

What do I need to bring to tryouts?

Players are expected to bring all lacrosse equipment to tryouts

Gatorade and water will be provided on-site but recommend bringing your own or any snacks as needed

Players should arrive AT LEAST one hour early to check in, by last name

What if I can’t attend the first day of a two day tryout?

Player must submit and official letter documenting excuse for missing to at least one week before tryout. All requests will be reviewed and Player may be granted special permission and instruction to check in on day two of the tryout.

Refund Policy:

We have a strict “no-refund policy” for all of the tryouts. The only exception is for a player who is injured and cannot fully participate in the tryout.


  1. Doctor’s note and confirmation receipt of registration
  2. Request must be mailed along with doctor’s note and receipt of registration to: Corrigan Sports Enterprises, Attn: UAAA Refund, 6725 Santa Barbara Ct Ste 114 Elkridge MD 21075
  3. Email request will not be accepted
  4. Refunds will be processed in 30 days (or less) post event
  5. Any refund request received 7 days after their respective tryout will not be honored.
  6. Refunds will be processed less a $10.00 processing fee.
  7. Refunds on double registration, unless it’s a system error will be refunded less a $10.00 processing fee.


  1. Video (Game and/or Highlight) Packages purchased through CSE can be refunded before May 1st. Due to administrative and logistical issues any requests after May 1st will not be processed unless due to injury.
  2. Request must be mailed along with a receipt of purchase and registration to: Corrigan Sports Enterprises, Attn: UAAA Refund, 6725 Santa Barbara Ct Ste 114 Elkridge MD 21075
  3. Email request will not be accepted
  4. Refunds will be processed in 30 days (or less) post event.
  5. Refunds will be processed less a $10.00 processing fee.

Can I tryout in multiple regions or a different region if unable to make the closest one?

Yes but if you are selected you will represent the region you were chosen in. You must pay for each region/tryout.

Is there an additional fee if I am selected to a Senior or Underclass Team?

No, with the exception of travel/hotel for Underclass and the Welcome Banquet dinner ticket.

Players will also have the option to purchase exclusive Under Armour All-America event gear as a participant in the Underclass event (Gloves, Cleats, Shirts, etc.)

Custom Cascade regional helmets will also be available to players once teams are selected.

What is the Uncommitted Showcase?

Each year there are very talented players who are on the cusp of making the Underclass teams, but are not selected.  Aside from the 22 players chosen for each regional team, we will select players from the regional tryouts who are uncommitted to college and make up teams from each of the 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 graduation classes.  These players will be invited to compete and showcase themselves in front of scores of coaches at Towson University during Under Armour All-America Weekend. The cost if invited to play in the Uncommitted Showcase is $50 and includes game shorts and socks. Players will bring their tryout reversible and use it during these games.

What is the All-Tournament Team?

Coaches from each Under Armour Underclass team will nominate players from opposing regional teams to be named to the All-Tournament Team.  The tournament directors will select the All-Tournament Team from among the nominated players and a Tournament MVP will be chosen.

What equipment will  I receive if I’m selected?

Seniors will receive all equipment. Sticks will be shipped to players 3 weeks in advance to break in. Players must bring them to Towson.

Underclass players will receive Under Armour uniforms (jersey and shorts) , socks and a complimentary ticket to the Senior Game where they will be honored at half time and receive an honorary event medal

Will there be athletic trainers for the Underclass tournament and tryouts?

Yes, athletic trainers are present at all tryouts and during the event week. The athletic trainers are present for medical emergencies only, no pre-game taping.

How do I get there and where will I stay?

Senior players will be given a room with a fellow team member at the host hotel. Travel expenses of 100+ miles will be compensated by a sliding scale.

Parents of seniors are invited to book a room at the host hotel.

Underclass players and parents are invited to book rooms at the official Underclass hotel.

Travel and Hotel Information Page

What is the format or game schedule at UA All-America Weekend?

Senior All-Americans will arrive on Thursday, have two practices on Friday and will play one game on Saturday, June 30th.

In the Underclass tournament, all teams will play a minimum of five games. Pool play will start Thursday, June 28th with championships wrapping up Sunday afternoon.